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Qstn: Is my personal info kept confidential?
By all means. We will only use it to contact youand to identify your account. It's never given or sold to anyone.

Qstn: Who is the Admin for XCSF?
Solomon Price, 4165 Old Dowlen Rd #124, Beaumont TX 77706, 409-444-9339,

Qstn: How will I receive my commissions?
All commissions are paid by Admin. We send commissions larger than $1000 via bank transfers, Zelle, Cash App, BTC, Tron, Skrill Pay, Blue Bird, Western Union, Fed-X, Cashier Checks, regular bank Checks, Money Orders and USPS. Debit cards are in the works. Commissions less than $1000 will be posted in Members backoffice account for withdrawal requests. Let us know what works best for you and we'll do our best to accommodate.

Qstn: When is payday?
Members may log into their backoffice and request their commissions at anytime there is a minimum balance of $100. The system will notify us via auto messaging of your request within 1-2 hours of its origination. Give us 3-10 hours to send it out to you on each day except Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays. Contact us if any emergencies exist.

Transaction fees associated with each send are deducted from original amount requested. Regular Checks, Cashiers Checks and Money Orders send fee is $10 in addition to cost charged by the bank and retail outlets for these send methods.

Qstn: Why are the CR amounts in the Three Phase 1×4 pay plan set so low?
As stated on the Home page, we created the Xtreme Cash Leveraging System (XCLS) to positon our Members to begin earning Big Ticket Commissions of $10K to $20K without them having to shell out those Big Ticket entry fees. To accomplish this it is necessary to use the bulk of the funds generated as Members cycle each 1×4 Phase to place them int the next phase. This is cash leveraging to generate the high entry fee needed to enter the $40M Diamond Stage-5 without the $5K coming our to your pocket.

While CR's are quite insignificant in the 1st cycling of the Three Phases of 1×4's, Members will receive $20K Cycle Rewards upon their 2nd to INFINITY cycles of the Phase-3 1×4 as your Diamond Stage-5 entry product, the $20K Goldmine Passive Profits (GPP) sales page will have been purchased. You can't sell it to your referrals to make those $5K commissions on 3 levels of sales if you don't own it.

Qstn: What's a receiving Producer?
A receiving Producer is the Member whose Rvs-2Up payline you are in when Admin purchases your Goldmine Passive Profits (GPP) sales page. You'll be in their PL as a result of you being referred or produced by this Member or you being passed-up to this Member. Either way, they become the Member who receives your $5K payment from Rvs-2Up Admin and you into their PL.

Qstn: How much is the entry amount?
Only $17! We understand that we have designed a cash leveraging system like no other your've seen before and most will fine it hard to believe. This is why it is crucial that you read the webpages throughly so you won't miss out of this goldmine of an income opportunty. This is your chance to start earning and earning BIG! Take IT for ONLY $17!